Why Energy Efficient Lighting?

When you select energy-efficient lighting, you:

• Save a lot of money;
• Reduce the need for additional power plants;
• Reduce greenhouse gases and other pollution; and,
• Are able to use lighting in creative ways that take advantage of the best in new technologies.

Energy-efficient lighting affords a higher payback than any other energy-efficient system. That includes heating, ventilation, air conditioning, appliances and computer equipment.

Sustainable resource consumption is everyone’s responsibility. Choosing energy-efficient lighting is the easiest way to save money on power. The choice is up to you. What you choose matters to you and the environment.

Why LED's?
Light Emitting Diodes are semico
nductors used to create light.  There are other types of Solid State Lights ("SSL,") but LED's are the most relevant for general illumination.

www.LEDinsider.com sells many types of energy-efficient LED lights. LED’s have the brightest future for the broadest range of applications. And they engender environmental sustainability because they consume less power, last much longer and contain no toxics.

LED’s will radically change the energy consumption patterns of the world over the next few years. There’s a phenomenal amount of resources being devoted to improving LED technology worldwide. The U.S. has committed an uncharacteristically large amount of industrial policy support for LED research and development, as you can easily discover for yourself, if you choose to wade through the copious recent studies commissioned on the subject. Asia is a hotbed of cutting-edge manufacturing technology and Europe and Canada have led the way in energy efficient initiatives accompanied by some of some of the most innovative design styles you can find anywhere.

Benefits of LED’s
•     Extremely low power consumption
•     Very efficient in converting energy to light, not heat
•     Extremely long life span (50,000-100,000 hours)
•     Durable, insensitive to vibration
•     Dimmable and programmable in many cases
•     Super-fast turn-on, unlike compact fluorescents
•     Lightweight and compact
•   &#0160
; Color, without the use of filters and lenses
•     No reflectors are required to direct the light
•     Very environmentally friendly—no mercury or other toxics. Recyclable

LED’s are already the best light source for traffic signals, vehicular tail lights, emergency lighting and flashlights. Increasingly, they are viable for accent, task, landscape, portable and even area lighting. LED’s let you do things you just can’t do effectively with other light sources, especially due to LED’s low power consumption.

Imagine powering a string of lights ½ mile long from a single electrical socket. You can, with our commercial line of LED Christmas lights! With LED’s you can use more light than ever before, and still save money. Plus, they last so long, you can design complicated installations without worrying about frequent and costly bulb replacement projects. LED’s have been used to create the most innovative lighting for stage shows, restaurant and hotel interiors, building exteriors and bridges.

General applications of LED’s include:

Accent lighting. Nothing beats LED’s for color. Programmable color changing, underwater applications, tiles, strings, ropes and tubes are all easier with LED’s. LED landscape lighting provides innovative colors, compact designs and increasingly effective solar-powered solutions that do not require underground cabling. LED lamps are in the trendiest hotels and restaurants around the world.

Task lighting. Reading lamps, portable work lights, flashlights, wearable head lamps—LED’s are compact, lightweight and highly directional.

Area lighting. LED’s are increasingly competitive for illuminating larger spaces; however, LED’s are not yet effective for illuminating large halls, parking lots, streets and the like. Use care in selecting LED’s for area lighting. We encourage you to order a sample to check to see if the light levels are adequate for your purposes.

The luminous efficacy (light output per watt of power consumed) doubles every 18 months. That’s fast! It means that LED’s will become the dominant light source for many area lighting applications with certainty—it’s just a matter of time. New products for path and area lighting are being introduced constantly, and we’ll bring you the latest ones that meet our tough standards.

Portable lighting.  LED’s are great for flashlights and wearable safety products, such as flashing vests. They’re bright, last an extremely long time and promote long battery life because they use so little power. No wonder LED flashlights are the choice for serious SCUBA divers and marksmen, as well as law enforcement and fire departments.

At www.LEDinsider.com, we sell such a powerful yet energy efficient flashlight that it is the police's favorite choice.