Boston’s first official skyscraper, the Marriott Custom House Tower, beautifully and cost-effectively shows how well LEDs are replacing incandescent fixtures. This upgrade is gorgeous, as you can see from the picture, and will REDUCE ENERGY COSTS by ONE-THIRD.

Conceptualized by Lam Partners Inc, the 125 new LED fixtures were chosen from Philips Color Kinetics. The lights will last about 20 years, and will need less maintenance than the old fixtures. The tower is lit from the 17th floor all the way up to the peak of the tower and it makes a beautiful sight on the night skyline.

The improvement goes to underscore how far energy-efficient building has come in just the last few years. Brad Koerner, Project Designer at Lam Partners:

“To achieve this kind of architectural application with white LED technology would have been unthinkable even just a year ago. Today the long life and efficiency of white LED sources will open up new possibilities for sustainable urban lighting.”

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