I’ve been saying for some time (as have others) that the Pharox LED replacement bulb is among my favorite LED bulbs.  One reason is the quality of the light – the LED bulb has a frosted globe that diffuses the light and the Pharox gives off a nice, soft, warm glow, much like the old incandescents.

I’m also thrilled that Lumnis Lighting, which makes the Pharox, has now developed a more powerful Pharox II bulb that will substitute for the 60 watt incandescents as well as the Pharox I bulbs have done for 40 watt bulbs.

LEDinsider sells the Pharox I and will carry this new Pharox as soon as it is available.  UPDATE: EAGLELIGHT.COM SELLS ALL PHAROX BULBS, INCLUDING THE NEW DIMMABLE  LEDs.

Dutch news just announced that 2.4 MILLION Pharox bulbs will be distributed to lottery participants.

The National Postcode Lottery and the World Wide Fund for Nature have announced that they will distribute 2.5 million Pharox bulbs to lottery participants. The Pharox, which is a new LED bulb which emits a soft white light, was developed by two great-grandsons of the founder of the Dutch electronics firm Philips. It uses only ten percent as much energy as a conventional lightbulb and can burn for up to 35 years. When he visited the Netherlands last year former US president Bill Clinton promised he would promote the new bulb worldwide.