Light has the power to do much more than just illuminate our environment.  Light can heal and affect moods and reverse aging of our skin.  The multi-colored LED lights that Eaglelight sells may not only brighten your moods, they also may make you healthier.

Light therapy is an approved way to cure “SAD”, Seasonal Affective Disorder,  also known as winter depression. “Blue-light” therapy is a cure for jaundice in very young babies and violet lights kill the bacteria that causes acne. Light therapy is also reported to help with Parkinson’s tremors, improve mental disorders, regulate sleep, and promote the healing of wounds. These are just a few of the benefits you can get from using LED lights.

Colored light therapy has been around for a long time. The ancient Egyptians installed panes of colored glass in the ceilings to color the light that entered for healing effects. In traditional Chinese medicine, each organ is associated with a color and the practice of qijong uses color for healing. Indian Ayurvedic medicine uses all colors of the spectrum to restore harmony and health.

I will research and write more about health and LED lights and share with you what I learn.