December 2009

I love LED lights, but what I’ve been wanting even more was a DIMMABLE LED light. Well, it’s finally here.  Eaglelight always does a great job making sure its products are the very best and have the quality you can’t get in the cheap LEDs you get at the chain stores.

These dimmable LED lights have the energy efficiency and longevity of LEDs at a cost that allows me to recapture the investment in just 2-3 months because of energy savings.

They come in either warm white light that looks like my old incandescent lightbulbs, or cool or natural white, which I’m rapidly getting used to and coming to prefer. But best of all, these new dimmable lights work with dimmers, rheostats and lighting systems.

On top of all this, the lights come in two bases that cover most needs. There’s the MR16 – that two-pronged lightbulb style – which means I can replace my old, expensive art-light halogen bulbs that were burning 35 watts with the super energy efficient LED bulbs that I like better anyway.  There’s also a powerful PAR light with a regular screw-in base that replaces most of the rest of my lightbulbs.

That’s cause for a big HURRAY!

Here are the pages from the website where you can buy these dimmable LED lights:


This Color-Changing, Remote Controlled LED Light is . See video demonstrating the light in all its colored glory. What’s important to understand about these pictures below is that they are all of the same kind of light in a row.  We wanted to lined them up and and put the lights in different sequence to show you many of the different colors that this ONE LED LIGHT can throw off.  The light (which sells for $34.95 on Eaglelight) comes with a remote control and you can have the light rotate through all the colors, or stay in one color, or go through various color-changing patterns.


Everyone’s heard how toxic fluorescent bulbs can be. Well, now you can replace your fluorescent tube lights with LEDs. They’re bright, energy efficient, and they come in beautiful color tones ranging from warm to natural to cool white.

For most installations, you just plug in the LED tubes and, presto, gorgeous light.  In some cases, when you have very old ballasts, you have to do a little retrofitting, but they still support the LED tubes.  It’s easy to make the change following this instructional video

One of the most fun lights you can find is LEDInsider’s multi-color LED strip lights available at

The lights go through 15 different color choices. This installation shows strip lights set inside the cove, aimed up at the ceiling.  These pictures show a few of the beautiful colors that you get – all from a single LED light strip!

Here’s a video that shows how the multi-color strip lights work.

The LED strip lights are water resistant and have a self-adhesive backing that allows them to be attached easily to any surface.  They come in lengths of 18 inches, that can be connected together.