How would you like to light your home softly with glowing walls?  A company in Wales called Lomox has invented a chemical coating that can be painted on walls to produce the first light-emitting walls using OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) technology.

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Using a $750,000 grant from the Carbon Trust, Lomox is developing lighting products from OLEDs.  Mark Williamson, director of innovations at the Carbon Trust, said: “Lighting is a major producer of carbon emissions. This technology has the potential to produce ultra-efficient lighting for a wide range of applications, tapping into a huge global market.”

Lomox says the light-emitting walls will be 2 1/2 times more energy saving than current energy-saving lightbulbs.  Indoor lighting makes up 1/6 of all electricity use.

A chemical coating to wallpaper and adding a very small electrical current (3-5 volts) to produce light evenly throughout a room. The walls are safe to touch.  The walls will use such a small amount of electricity that they could be powered with solar or batteries.

Dimmer switches can be installed to control brightness, and the company claims the light walls will mimic sunlight and eliminate shadows and glare that regular lightbulbs produce.  Ken Lacey, the chief executive of Lomox, said  “The light is a very natural, sunlight-type of lighting with the full colour range. It gives you all kinds of potential for how you do lighting.”