When you are driving or walking down a street lined with various businesses, which of those stand out to you the most?

If you are like most people, the most eye-catching are those with electronic, brightly colored LED lighted signs. LED lights stand out and attract attention any time day or night. This is why it is a good idea to place one on the front of your business. To give you the visibility you want and need.

LED signs can also get you noticed from a further distance, especially at night. No matter what the weather, sunshine, rain or snow you can get your advertising out there. LED signs can be seen by pedestrians, bike riders and car riders.

Do you know how many cars pass by your business everyday? Probably hundreds if not thousands. Put a LED sign to work for you and get your name in front of all those missed customers. These type of signs are definite attention-grabbers.

LED Open signs are also one good way to attention from potential customers. These come in all colors and sizes. They can even be found with custom images specific to your business.

Basically, any idea that you have can be developed into a custom LED sign design. Add a motto or logo to your custom made image. It’s no problem for most companies. Custom made signs are a good idea for unique businesses. Or the company that just wants to stand apart.

Even if people don’t take the time to read your sign, an image will be obvious to them. For instance if you own a nail salon, a flower shop, or a pizza parlor, you can find an open sign with those images on them. Add vibrant colors and you’ve got an advertising overhaul.

You can say no to paper flyers and endless advertising in local newspapers and magazines. There’s no missing the message or the sale with a bright LED business sign. Plus over time you could save money on advertising your business.

Another excellent method of getting attention, is an animated LED sign. Certain lights on the animated LED signs flash and move. These signs also come with a variety of images and colors. If the lights themselves do not get you an extra glance, the animation will definitely do the trick.

Moving characters, funny characters, action images. All these options work together to bring your sign to life. Potential customers will find your signs entertaining and different.. A unique, quirky sign could be just what you need to set you apart from your competitors.

Having your text scroll across the screen draws the eye to the sign. You can crawl the text from left to right, right to left or up and down. The options are endless with an LED sign.

LED business signs are the most effective and affordable way to increase your customer traffic and sales. With one of these affordable signs, you are sure to draw customers into your store, bar, or restaurant. Your business is bound to grow with a simple sign upgrade!

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