Here at we work to provide the most energy and cost efficient lighting to our customers.  With this, we also strive to make a difference in the fields of environmental activism and eco-friendly goods.  Since the start of our company we have made these goals clear by carrying out cause-related campaigns such as “We Plant a Tree with Every LED”.  Our idea is to help offset the carbon emissions associated with powering light bulbs – simply by planting trees. Our goal is to help our customers “go zero” easily, inexpensively and responsibly. It is calculated that the average American family needs to plant 30 trees to offset the CO2 produced by their daily energy use… That’s a lot of trees! Our program is designed to help you tackle this number with absolutely no effort on your part. By helping you plant your trees now, we can start making a difference today! So, what is The Plan?

We believe so strongly in combating climate change that EagleLight is planting one tree for every light bulb order that is purchased from us. Yep, that’s right… For each order that you place, we’ll plant one tree for you. So, the more bulbs you buy, the more trees get planted, the more energy you save and the happier the environment becomes! Everyone wins. You’ve gotta love that!

Here are some reasons why we’re putting our money where our mouth is and stepping out with this great program:
1. We feel that planting trees is the easiest, most effective way to help each of us clean our air and sequester carbon through tree planting.
2. By supporting reforestation projects around the world that reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere we can make a real difference.
3. Reforestation is a form of carbon sequestration (sequestration is the capture and removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere). Forests capture CO2 and store it in the trees mass and in the soil. Reforestation projects play a vital role in absorbing emissions, managing watershed, maintain wildlife habitats and providing time to transition to a new energy future.
4. Planting trees in the right places for the right reasons is the best dollar-for-dollar investment we can make to improve our environment.

We hope you agree that since trees reduce greenhouse gases by absorbing carbon dioxide, save energy, help filter our water, and so much more this project is simply worth doing! This is why we’re so excited to make this program easy for you… all you need to do is buy our energy-efficient, environmentally conscious light bulbs for your home and business and we’ll take care of the rest!