For those of you looking to replace your not-so-energy-efficient lights and bulbs around the house, we are here to help! At EagleLight we know it is important you are getting quality products at cost efficient prices, which is why we are here to give you the steps to replacing your bulbs with LEDs the best way possible!  The most efficient way to replace bulbs around the home or office is by following these few steps:

  • Identify what lamps you currently are using
  • Determine what lamps have best return on investment
  • Select best replacement bulbs for each application
  • Change out to new LED light bulbs


First find what lights are currently being used around your space. Collect the type, quantity and hours of operation for your existing light bulbs. If you like it may be helpful to open a PDF work-sheet to help with this inventory.  Once this has been done it is easier to identify which lights will work best to replace the old ones.  See the charts for more tips on which specific LED lightbulb may work to replace your light.  Once you have chosen the best fit LEDs for your space it is just time to install and start saving! Check out for replacement LED bulbs or our EageLight LED University for more replacement tips at: Image