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EagleLight LED Candelabra Light for LED Chandelier Light Bulbs

EagleLight LED Candelabra Light Bulb has released a new LED light bulb with ‘filament’ like shine from an energy-efficient LED source.  The bulb places the LEDs on a ribbon of circuit board that is twisted inside a glass enclosure to create an incandescent like lighting source.  These bulbs have a warm white look and have a far greater beam angle than traditional LED bulbs, as the LEDs are up off the base and shine in many directions.  Visit to see the LED Candelabra bulb.

This bulb is available in both LED Candelabra bulb shape and in a traditional incandescent, house hold bulb shape, technically known as an A19.  The candelabra bulb shape has a E12 base type, typical of most US made chandeliers.  E12 is the smaller of the two typical candelabra bases, the bulb is also available in the larger E14 base on special order.  The A19, traditional house hold bulb shape comes with a medium screw base also know as a E26.

These bulbs are available in a warm white, like the one shown to the right as well as natural white that has a bit less yellow.

Visit for a large choice of high quality energy-efficient LED Light Bulbs coupled with great customer service.

YouTube Video shows Dimmable LED lights and the range of color choices from warm white to cool white – click HERE to watch video – click HERE to watch video

YouTube video showing what’s available in Color-Changing LED Lights

How would you like to light your home softly with glowing walls?  A company in Wales called Lomox has invented a chemical coating that can be painted on walls to produce the first light-emitting walls using OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) technology.

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Using a $750,000 grant from the Carbon Trust, Lomox is developing lighting products from OLEDs.  Mark Williamson, director of innovations at the Carbon Trust, said: “Lighting is a major producer of carbon emissions. This technology has the potential to produce ultra-efficient lighting for a wide range of applications, tapping into a huge global market.”

Lomox says the light-emitting walls will be 2 1/2 times more energy saving than current energy-saving lightbulbs.  Indoor lighting makes up 1/6 of all electricity use.

A chemical coating to wallpaper and adding a very small electrical current (3-5 volts) to produce light evenly throughout a room. The walls are safe to touch.  The walls will use such a small amount of electricity that they could be powered with solar or batteries.

Dimmer switches can be installed to control brightness, and the company claims the light walls will mimic sunlight and eliminate shadows and glare that regular lightbulbs produce.  Ken Lacey, the chief executive of Lomox, said  “The light is a very natural, sunlight-type of lighting with the full colour range. It gives you all kinds of potential for how you do lighting.”

I love LED lights, but what I’ve been wanting even more was a DIMMABLE LED light. Well, it’s finally here.  Eaglelight always does a great job making sure its products are the very best and have the quality you can’t get in the cheap LEDs you get at the chain stores.

These dimmable LED lights have the energy efficiency and longevity of LEDs at a cost that allows me to recapture the investment in just 2-3 months because of energy savings.

They come in either warm white light that looks like my old incandescent lightbulbs, or cool or natural white, which I’m rapidly getting used to and coming to prefer. But best of all, these new dimmable lights work with dimmers, rheostats and lighting systems.

On top of all this, the lights come in two bases that cover most needs. There’s the MR16 – that two-pronged lightbulb style – which means I can replace my old, expensive art-light halogen bulbs that were burning 35 watts with the super energy efficient LED bulbs that I like better anyway.  There’s also a powerful PAR light with a regular screw-in base that replaces most of the rest of my lightbulbs.

That’s cause for a big HURRAY!

Here are the pages from the website where you can buy these dimmable LED lights:

This is a reposting of our very popular entry on the Pharox bulb.  There’s a great video I’m adding because it shows off the light well.  The video talks about the $59 cost of the bulb, but of course LEDinsider has it for a lot less!

I’ve looked at a lot of different so-called Replacement Bulbs and my favorite for replacing a 40 watt bulb is the Pharox LED Bulb by Lemnis Lighting (a Dutch Company with a large US presence).  

Consumer One of the things I like best about the Pharox bulb, in addition to its soft, warm light, is that this bulb looks like the old-fashioned incandescent bulbs that will soon become a collector’s item after the Ban-the-Bulb laws phase in.  The Pharox LED bulb has the familiar frosted globe that softly disperses the soft, warm light in the way we are used to.  

Here is Leo LaPorte the Tech Guy demonstrating and reviewing the Pharox bulb and here is a video on the Early Show showing off the Pharox bulb.

Also, some of the LED bulbs have very short stems and actually need extenders to fit into the sockets of the places where they are replacing the old incandescent bulbs. Well, not the Pharox. It has a long-enough elegant neck and pops right into the sockets of lamps, light fixtures and everywhere else I’ve tried it.Pharox2-1

The Pharox LED bulb disperses its light through a very wide 320 degree beam angle.  This, too, makes the light from the Pharox bulb more like what we’ve been used to from our old incandescent bulbs and makes the Pharox a better replacement bulb than other alternatives.

Price-wise, you can find the Pharox for around $35 a bulb.  Given that the Pharox uses just 4 watts of energy to produce the light of a 40 watt incandescent bulb – one tenth the energy use! – the Pharox bulb should quickly pay for itself.  Overall LEDs are supposed to lower energy bills by at least 75%.  

I got my Pharox bulbs from LEDinsider, and you can also find them there or on Amazon

The technical specs on the Pharox are superb and I’ve found it to be very reliable bulb.  Uses up to 90% less energy than an incandescent bulb
  • Can replace up to a 40 Watt incandescent bulb with the same amount of light intensity.
  • Lasts 50 times longer with a lifetime of 50,000 hours lifetime, compared to 1000 hours of a standard incandescent bulb.
  • Uses only 4 Watts
  • Emits a warm, natural white light
  • Does not get warm; child friendly and fire safe. 

I’ve been saying for some time (as have others) that the Pharox LED replacement bulb is among my favorite LED bulbs.  One reason is the quality of the light – the LED bulb has a frosted globe that diffuses the light and the Pharox gives off a nice, soft, warm glow, much like the old incandescents.

I’m also thrilled that Lumnis Lighting, which makes the Pharox, has now developed a more powerful Pharox II bulb that will substitute for the 60 watt incandescents as well as the Pharox I bulbs have done for 40 watt bulbs.

LEDinsider sells the Pharox I and will carry this new Pharox as soon as it is available.  UPDATE: EAGLELIGHT.COM SELLS ALL PHAROX BULBS, INCLUDING THE NEW DIMMABLE  LEDs.

Dutch news just announced that 2.4 MILLION Pharox bulbs will be distributed to lottery participants.

The National Postcode Lottery and the World Wide Fund for Nature have announced that they will distribute 2.5 million Pharox bulbs to lottery participants. The Pharox, which is a new LED bulb which emits a soft white light, was developed by two great-grandsons of the founder of the Dutch electronics firm Philips. It uses only ten percent as much energy as a conventional lightbulb and can burn for up to 35 years. When he visited the Netherlands last year former US president Bill Clinton promised he would promote the new bulb worldwide.

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