Dimmable LED Lights

YouTube Video shows Dimmable LED lights and the range of color choices from warm white to cool white

http://www.Eaglelight.com – click HERE to watch video


I love LED lights, but what I’ve been wanting even more was a DIMMABLE LED light. Well, it’s finally here.  Eaglelight always does a great job making sure its products are the very best and have the quality you can’t get in the cheap LEDs you get at the chain stores.

These dimmable LED lights have the energy efficiency and longevity of LEDs at a cost that allows me to recapture the investment in just 2-3 months because of energy savings.

They come in either warm white light that looks like my old incandescent lightbulbs, or cool or natural white, which I’m rapidly getting used to and coming to prefer. But best of all, these new dimmable lights work with dimmers, rheostats and lighting systems.

On top of all this, the lights come in two bases that cover most needs. There’s the MR16 – that two-pronged lightbulb style – which means I can replace my old, expensive art-light halogen bulbs that were burning 35 watts with the super energy efficient LED bulbs that I like better anyway.  There’s also a powerful PAR light with a regular screw-in base that replaces most of the rest of my lightbulbs.

That’s cause for a big HURRAY!

Here are the pages from the www.Eaglelight.com website where you can buy these dimmable LED lights:

One of the most common questions we get from our customers at LEDinsider is "how can we dim LED light bulbs?"  LEDs do not always interface well with either lower end dimmer switches or higher end lighting systems that dim loads like Litetouch or Lutron. 

The way LEDs and dimming work is that dimmer switches consist of a button or dial that sets the firing level for the dimming triac. The lower the setting, the less AC power passes through to the LED light bulb.   The LED light bulb has a built-in AC/DC power supply that does its best to hold the AC input to a controlled DC voltage.  If that doesn't happen, it fluctuates with the proportion of the AC signal that the dimmer switch passes. 

Every day there are more and more solutions being offered to retrofit lighting installations to allow the control of the power supply to allow LED lights to work.  I've shown some below.  But what we find from our customers is that they want "plug and glow" LEDs – ones they can simply plug in and switch on — and dim. That is what we are working hard to be able to find and offer to LEDinsider customers.

One of the best dimmable LEDs is a downlight manufactured by Cree Lighting.  Cree, the Durham, NC manufacturer of some of the highest quality LED bulbs anywhere, currently has only one line of LR6  downlights that are dimmable. These LEDs coordinate with Leviton, Cooper and Wattsopper.  Even this solution is not ideal.  The CREE downlights will turn off when they are dimmed by more than 25% of the maximum rated output.  

Today, I was able to talk to a wonderfully helpful and knowledgeable representative of Cree, Lisa McKenzie, about Cree LEDs and their dimmability.  At LEDinsider, we carry many high quality bulbs that are made with the Cree Diode.  Knowing about the limitation of Cree's LED downlights and their dimmability, I wanted to know if the bulbs we are sourcing from around the world that carry the Cree Diode and are being advertised as being dimmable could do a good enough job for us to offer them to our LEDinsider customers.

Lisa told me more about all the R&D Cree is doing in the LED space – expect great things from Cree in the future.  I will learn more firsthand when I visit Cree this Spring and report to you then.  

As Lisa explained, it is theoretically possible to make a dimmable uplight where the Cree diode is toned and honed a certain way.  Of course, this costs more in production costs and we are seeing that borne out in the wholesale prices we are paying.  

At LEDinsider, our objective is to bring our customers the very best LED lights for the best price. We continuously seek out and buy bulbs advertised to be dimmable LEDs and tr
y them out for our customers. Only once we verify that they are good enough to sell to our customers will be on our

LED circuit for dimming

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