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How would you like to light your home softly with glowing walls?  A company in Wales called Lomox has invented a chemical coating that can be painted on walls to produce the first light-emitting walls using OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) technology.

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Using a $750,000 grant from the Carbon Trust, Lomox is developing lighting products from OLEDs.  Mark Williamson, director of innovations at the Carbon Trust, said: “Lighting is a major producer of carbon emissions. This technology has the potential to produce ultra-efficient lighting for a wide range of applications, tapping into a huge global market.”

Lomox says the light-emitting walls will be 2 1/2 times more energy saving than current energy-saving lightbulbs.  Indoor lighting makes up 1/6 of all electricity use.

A chemical coating to wallpaper and adding a very small electrical current (3-5 volts) to produce light evenly throughout a room. The walls are safe to touch.  The walls will use such a small amount of electricity that they could be powered with solar or batteries.

Dimmer switches can be installed to control brightness, and the company claims the light walls will mimic sunlight and eliminate shadows and glare that regular lightbulbs produce.  Ken Lacey, the chief executive of Lomox, said  “The light is a very natural, sunlight-type of lighting with the full colour range. It gives you all kinds of potential for how you do lighting.”


One of our favorite LED replacement bulbs is the C.Crane VIVID PLUS LED.  Below is the compelling information on why it is such an energy saver.  Crane sells the Vivid Plus for $29.95.  You can get it at LEDinsider for only $9.95! Click here.

CC Vivid Plus 120V LED Light Bulb


  Incandescent Light Bulb    

60 Watt Bulb

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb    

Compact Fluorescent
13 Watt Bulb

CC Vivid LED Light Bulb    

CC Vivid
2 Watt LED Bulb

Life Span
How long will the light bulb last?
1,000 hours Up to 2,500 hours Up to 20,000 hours
Bulb Cost
Per 20,000 hours
(20 bulbs at 85¢ each)
(8 bulbs at $5.00 each)
Cost of Electricity
20,000 hours at 11.94 ¢ per kwh
$143.28 $31.04 $7.16
Total Cost
Bulb Cost + Electricity
$160.28 $71.04 $42.11
Hazardous Material No Yes
Cost to run
12 hours/day for 1 year
$31.38 $6.80 $1.05
11.94 ¢ per kwh based on National Average released by the Energy Information Administration
  CC Vivid Suns Dusk
Suns Dusk
CC Vivid
CC Vivid Plus
Vivid Plus
CC Vivid PAR 20
PAR 20
CC Vivid PAR 30
PAR 30
CC Vivid PAR 30
PAR 38
LEDs 18 18 36 36 60 72
Volts 120 120 12 120 12 120 120 120 12
Watts 0.90 0.97 0.87 1.84 2.5 1.9 2.75 3.75 4.7
Equivalence (Approx *)
Price $14.95 $19.95 $29.95 $29.95 $39.95 $44.95
Lumens 26 31 60 80 150 200
Expected Life Span (Hours) 20,000 20,000
Color Warm Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool
Socket Standard E27 “Edison Based” Edison Based
Height 4.25″ 3″ 3.25″ 3.25″ 3.7″ 5.25″
Diameter 2.5″ 1.75″ 2.25″ 2.5″ 3.75″ 4.75″
Weight (lbs) 0.95 0.60 0.39 0.70 0.92 0.98
Warranty 2 Yrs 2 Yrs
Recommended Use More

Go to to buy your ENERGY STAR lights!

Residential Buyers Guide

ENERGY STAR qualified LED lighting offers energy-saving options for both in and outside the home, such as recessed lighting and outdoor path lights. A fixture with LEDs is a seamless unit, built to last for many years. See if your local retailer sells ENERGY STAR qualified LED lighting.

What do I need to know before I buy an LED lighting product?

  • Look for the ENERGY STAR for good quality and a minimum three-year warranty.
  • Make sure you have a compatible dimmer switch if you want to 
    dim your lights. Fixture manufacturers can provide a list of approved 
    dimmers switches.
  • Make sure you like the color of the light; other options may be available.
  • Check back every few months to see what new types of LED lighting products will be eligible for ENERGY STAR. Like the early days of computers, LED lighting technology is advancing at an incredible rate.
LED Downlights in a kitchen


The U.S. Department of Energy estimates there are at least 500 million recessed lights installed in U.S. homes and more than 20 million are sold each year!

ENERGY STAR qualified LED recessed down lights can decrease energy use by 75 percent or more.