Good Morning America did an excellent piece on LED Streetlights and the downside of the fact that because LED lights are energy-efficient and don’t throw off wasted heat, they also won’t melt snow that lands on them. Thus, LED Streetlights can become covered in snow in certain conditions. The solution is to install clear plastic, convex covers on the streetlights. Even starting with the red LED streetlights will be a good safety step to tak.

In LED streetlights’ favor, when LED streetlights go out, they go out gradually, with just a string or two going out so that the lights dim first, but don’t go dark. Incandescent streetlights, on the other hand, go completely dark when they burn out, with no warning. LED lights also last far longer than Incandescents. LED streetlights can last a decade or more. Incandescents generally burn out in two years.


School crossing guards are being issued LED stop sign paddles that have the word "STOP" continuously lit up with bright LED lights. The signs promote safety as children cross the street on their way to and from school.Stop sign2Stopsign

The 12-inch paddle signs are powered by lithium-ion battery packs and are visible from a mile away at night according to Chicago-based Global Procurement Services, which markets the Stop-Lite signs.  Here is one online source for buying the signs.

When the crossing guards raise the paddles above their waist, “STOP” is lit up with white LED lights and flashing red lights appear above and below the word. When the guards put the signs down, all the lights turn off.